Emergency Response System for a medical alarm

24x7 OnFocus is designed to make emergency calls easier and faster, using a combination of GPS information and incident tracking. Its straight forward and easy to use interface has made it indispensable for a smart phone user. The app locates the user, transmits information about the user (user id, location, time) to the emergency service provider, and continuously updates the police, ambulance or

With the user id, the system will automatically retrieve and populate user details (blood group, allergy info etc. provided by the user at the time of registration) from the central data base. With one tap, 24x7 OnFocus can also summon the police in an instant. 24x7 OnFocus is available for Android, IOS enabled devices


 One click contact with response team

The data harvested by the OnFocus24x7 app is presented on a secure website. Emergency services personnel can access the website at any time, giving them an easy way to trace the user’s location instantly. Because the app continually updates the GPS data, emergency teams will always go to the right place.

The app automatically generates a ticket for the incident. The ticket includes details of the incident, and it can be assigned different statuses - New, Acknowledged, Assigned or Closed - depending on the status of the incident. If a ticket is updated, each update is timestamped, and notes can be accessed by the smartphone user.

While the ticket is open, users are updated and can cancel the request at any time. This helps them to avoid wasting time on incidents that have already been resolved, or tickets that may have been created by accident.

Using web services, the data harvested by the OnFocus24x7 app can be reused in other software applications. This gives emergency services teams complete flexibility and helps them deal with emergencies quicker than ever before.


 Emergency Contact List

OnFocus24x7 requires users to register some details. This only needs to be done once.

To get started, you’ll simply need to provide the following:

  • Your blood group, if you know it
  • Details of any allergies you have, such as a reaction to penicillin
  • Two emergency contacts - usually friends or relatives
  • Details of your doctor, clinic or local hospital
  • Information about your vehicle, in case you are injured in a road traffic accident

When you report an emergency over the telephone, the emergency services operator can access this information over the web.

Finally, you’ll also find a PANIC button in the OnFocus24x7 app. With one tap, you can immediately alert the police to your location.


 Live tracking of requester

Once you have been located using OnFocus24x7, the nearest patrol or rescue team can be dispatched in an instant. The app continues to relay accurate GPS data to the emergency services personnel tasked with coming to your assistance, helping them to find you - fast.

OnFocus24x7 automatically updates your location every five seconds if you have moved by more than 100 metres, so the emergency team will always know where to find you.

All of the data about your emergency is stored as a ticket in the app. You can review this, or cancel your request, at any time.

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