Travel app for online taxi booking

MTAXI application allows the user to request for a taxi by sending the current location of the user. This helps the taxi dispatch company and the taxi driver to pick the passenger easily. One of the most common problems with taxi bookings is getting the driver to the correct pick-up location. MTAXI has been designed to make Taxi pick-ups easy, quick and completely stress free. The application tracks the user location using GPS data.

Once the MTAXI app is downloaded and a few basic details like the phone number and address are keyed in, the user is all set. Whenever the user needs a taxi, MTAXI will relay all of that information to the taxi company automatically and will attach the precise location of the user using GPS data obtained from the User's Phone.

 Easy booking

When you download the MTAXI app, you’ll be asked to register your details so that taxi company have immediate access to the basic data they need. When it’s time to order a taxi through MTAXI, the app automatically forwards all of your registration data to the taxi company. Additionally, MTAXI continues to track your location and forwards that information to the taxi control center.

 Live Tracking

When the taxi is dispatched, the MTAXI app delivers details of the driver (including his/her name, mobile number, code and registration plate) so that you’re prepared for your pick-up. When the taxi arrives, you’ll know which car to look for - simply confirm the booking with the driver and enjoy your journey.

MTAXI even updates your GPS data if you move more than 10 metres, so your driver will never have to search for you. They’ll always know exactly where you’re waiting.

If you no longer need the car, simply use MTAXI to cancel your order.

 Easy Integration

It integrates with taxi companies’ systems to make ordering a taxi easier than ever before. MTAXI also includes some clever features that makes it easy to order a taxi right to your location, day or night.

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