Task management and mobile crew monitoring system for an optimized work performance

MForce is designed to manage a mobile work force distributed across different locations and to manage a task through its life cycle. The solution enables synchronized working systems and location based allocation of tasks for optimal work schedules. It facilitates online workforce tracking, online work allotment and automatic work schedule updation. This e-inspection process replaces paper based inspection procedure.

It reduces redundant data entry work and thus saves time and ensures faster completion of inspection tasks and increases inspection productivity. It also helps bring about a qualitative change in the inspection procedure. The application key features include flexible form designs, image/video capture facility, online workforce tracking, security management, voice guided navigation, multilingualism, customizable workflows and multi organization support.


 Flexible form designs

Pre-designed, flexible data collection and entry forms enable easier collection and entry of data and quick and efficient assimilation of the entered data. These interactive and user friendly forms ensure hassle-free and efficient data entry work. This, in turn, improves inspection efficiency. These forms are configured with mandatory fields. The mandatory fields in the form help the user collect specific information. In addition, they also serve as reminders to the user to perform specific tasks to ensure efficient task completion. The attachment widget in the forms helps view documents, images, records etc. Sub forms are created where large forms get unwieldy. The list widget helps sort documents and records. These forms also enable a multi select option, where users can perform a search for records on the basis of more than one criterion at a time. The pick list widget allows the user to make a single choice from the available set of options.

  Photo / video capture facility

The product comes with a provision to upload images and videos of sites, violation types etc., thus improving inspection efficacy, scope and quality. An user, therefore, need not spend laborious hours describing each of his inspection visits. It thus ensures better and faster execution of inspection tasks. This further translates into improved quality and quantity of inspection tasks.


 Online Crew tracking

The application facilitates online crew tracking and improved inspection monitoring. For location based tasks, location may be viewed on a map interface. Besides, it allows a flexible, automatic scheduling of inspection tasks based on the real time location of the crew. It thus ensures an optimal work schedule. The solution is GPS integrated and therefore provides route and driving instructions. The app also provides entry and exit alerts, as soon as an crew enters or exits his area of inspection. The configured travelling salesman algorithm provides to the crews the shortest route plan. Message alerts for high priority immediate inspection tasks may be issued to the crew. A crew will receive inspection updates only for areas under his purview.

  Security Management

The application is equipped with a security management. The LDAP software helps maintain a device inventory, to track devices in the possession of the company. The configured search filters enables an easy retrieval of information. The software also helps maintain a directory of the application users and roles. Each user has a unique user account. Each user account is allied with one or more roles. The roles outline the data and functions available for a user. Based on user roles, access to records and data may be granted or denied thus ensuring data security. APN/VPN configuration setting secures connectivity between mobile devices and back end.


The dashboard provides a quick view of the Key point indicators and other metrics. It provides a visual representation of the data enabling their simpler and faster absorption. The dashboard is linked to the system database which allows an easier, periodic update of the reports.

  Multi organization support

The application has the ability to configure multi organization support.


 Customizable workflows

A custom workflow enables the administrative staff to define or redefine their business process. It enables the administrator to configure a workflow process that suits a specific task need. The administrator can create a workflow that is actor focused and activity oriented. The application’s preconfigured workflow process ensures that incomplete inspection tasks are followed up and redundant tasks are automated.

  Task management

The application comes with an efficient task management system. The system helps manage tasks. Tasks are categorized as routine tasks and immediate tasks. For all routine tasks, task schedules are automatically generated for the set time period. The task management system helps manage all facets of the tasks. Tasks may be sorted and listed in terms of their priority, status, law, district and community.

  Voice navigation

The application supports voice navigation and can process voice commands.


The application is multilingual.

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  Key Features- At a glance

  • Dynamic forms
  • Automatic work schedule updation - Routine (Onetime – Recurrence) by day, week, specific dates or day
  • Task alerts
  • On demand tasks allotment
  • Follow ups for tasks
  • Monitor tasks – change, reassign or transfer tasks.
  • Geo fencing
  • Asset Management
  • Active Directory Integration for authentication
  • Bilingual
  • Voice navigation